This Son Gave His Parent’s A Rather Surprising Gift..

Some things always make me happy..  and this son’s gift is one of them!


It was Christmas last year when this extraordinary young man gave a gift that would forever change his family..

He knew his parents had been struggling financially because they’d always had troubles with money. Growing up, the Martinez family was his safe haven, but he also knew how hard it was for his parents to put food on the table. They moved from Mexico to Montreal in the early 2000’s and jobs were tough after the US financial collapse in 2009. But that didn’t deter the mom, Emily, and Dad, Sampson, from trying hard every day.

They both worked multiple jobs in order to make ends meet, working weekends, and even some holidays and birthdays just to keep a roof over their head.

Their son, James, knew how hard his parents were laboring for the family and all of the sacrifices they made on his behalf.

He tried as hard as he could in school, joined sports teams, and extracurricular activities such as the speech and debate team because he knew he wanted to be the first one in his family to go to college. And he did!

He got accepted into Toronto University on a scholarship for merit and need.

He said, “It was such a blessing to have parents that always believed in me and supported me so that I could have the chances and opportunities they didn’t have. Without them I never would be the man I am today.”

James went on to study finance and accounting at college. He was an active member of several school clubs too, and always went out of his way to help other students. He was a tutor to disadvantaged youth for 3 of his 4 years of school.

His first job out of college didn’t pay very much but he toiled away knowing that his hard work would eventually be recognized, and it was! He got a job working for a tech startup in Toronto as their CFO last Spring, and now life couldn’t be sweeter. He finally has money and freedom to travel and take vacations.

But he doesn’t spend endlessly.. he’s very frugal, wanting to save money so that he can have a better future for his family, and so that he can give back..

So last Christmas he gave his parents a gift they had NO idea was coming..

He paid off their entire mortgage!

He wrote them a blank check and gave it to them on Christmas morning.. what a shock.

His mom didn’t even know what to say, and his dad was even crying tears of joy. Can you imagine that?

Now his parent’s are finally able to rest at night knowing that no matter what happens, they’ll never have to leave their home.


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